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Indian women spend a lot of their time in kitchen everyday. Kitchen is the center of their life at home. They express their love and affection towards the family through their work in the kitchen. Wonderchef provides quality and innovative kitchen products include appliances, cookware, bakeware, knives, kitchen tools and accessories to make the kitchen a better place for every woman. Wonderchef products make a woman’s job easy and pleasurable. Wonderchef products are designed for the Indian kitchen and Indian food habits.

Wonderchef products are branded, top quality, reliable and safe to cook with. Wonderchef has given a new dimension to Indian kitchenware shopping. You can buy Wonderchef products on your desktop, laptop, tablet computer and even on your phone. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  is the biggest source of energy for Wonderchef. Every appliance or cookware comes with a unique recipe booklet designed by Chef himself, specially for that product of Wonderchef. What makes Wonderchef diferent from any other online kitchen shop? Unique products, state of the art technology, finest quality and most importantly after-sales service make us different. Every product is approved by international safety standards.From world’s best non-stick cookware to Sanjeev Kapoor’s famous Gas Oven Tandoor, from professional Chef Knife to healthy Slow Juicer, hundreds of kitchen products are available on Wonderchef.

Eat Right. Live Healthy with Wonderchef.

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From the Master Chef Himself

Aap sabko Sanjeev Kapoor ka pyar bhara namaskar...

For years I have done my shows and written my books with just one thought in mind - to empower the woman by enabling her to cook better. But, apart from the recipe a very important element in cooking well is the quality of your kitchen appliances, the cookware you use and the tools you have to enable you to cook tasty and healthy food more conveniently.

In order to promote healthy yet tasty cooking, I am getting world's finest cookware, appliances, bakeware and kitchen tools for you through Wonderchef.

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