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Wonderchef Kitchenware as a company was born out of the ‘love of cooking’. Driven by passion of making Kitchen the Centre of wellness and goodness in homes, Wonderchef was created by two enthusiasts, Mr. Ravi Saxena and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor in 2009.They believed in kitchen being the 'heart of our home', as it inspires us everyday to create lasting memories with the food we cook for our loved ones. This is why the entire range of Wonderchef Cookware and Appliances is a perfect blend of health, taste and convenience that inspires us to 'cook with pride'.

Wonderchef products are used in millions of homes in India where healthy and convenient cooking is a part of lifestyle. These premium cookware and appliances are a pleasure to use, are innovative, have attractive colors and designs, and adhere to uncompromising standards of quality. The ultra-stylish cook ’n’ serve casseroles, designer non-stick pans with health-friendly 5 layer coating, cold press juicers and super tandoors have been specially designed by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to meet the fine taste of India’s discerning consumers, who now want the best. Wonderchef constantly endeavours to create modern solutions for today’s woman, making it the ‘most loved Kitchenware Company' in India.

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From the Master Chef Himself

Aap sabko Sanjeev Kapoor ka pyar bhara namaskar...

For years I have done my shows and written my books with just one thought in mind - to empower the woman by enabling her to cook better. But, apart from the recipe a very important element in cooking well is the quality of your kitchen appliances, the cookware you use and the tools you have to enable you to cook tasty and healthy food more conveniently.

In order to promote healthy yet tasty cooking, I am getting world's finest cookware, appliances, bakeware and kitchen tools for you through Wonderchef.